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Creative Tuesdays – Trees

The Creative Tuesday theme this week is Trees. I’m not good at trees but I gave it a shot. At The Broken Egg, where we occasionally eat, there are some outdoor tables and near those there is a tree with a face on it.  While thinking of ideas for trees I thought of that funny tree and it inspired this little conversation between a raccoon and a wise old tree. At least I didn’t have to draw leaves, LOL.

Paint Party Friday!

It’s Paint Party Friday again! If you aren’t participating, you should be. It’s a great motivator to actually get something painted during the week and it’s fun to surf around and see what everyone has been working on. It doesn’t have to be a big painting and it doesn’t even have to be finished. This week, I have a little watercolor sketch in my sketch journal. I can find time to work in my little sketchbook even when I can’t focus on starting a new canvas or a real watercolor. This is the front porch of the General Store in the nearby town of Covington, LA. I love the look of that old red and white gas pump with the blue shutters. And how many businesses have a front porch with a swing?

I finished and mailed my Helping Hand for Japan for the auction, too. I’ll show that on Monday. Gotta get some breakfast now. 🙂

Paint Party Friday!

It’s Paint Party Friday again! Here’s a couple of things I worked on today. This is a little watercolor postcard, 4″x6″.  It’s for the Inspiration Avenue challenge theme of MOTHER. I’ve had it in mind all week but just got around to working on it tonight (It’s really midnight, Thursday but Friday is just a minute away!)



I’m also showing my sketchbook page for this morning; a couple of red amaryllis from my backyard. I have a whole row of these bright beauties.

It’s been a busy week and I have a few other things that got done, if you’d like to go to the main page you can scroll down and see what else I’ve been up to this week. Welcome to the party!


Altered Text for Sunday Sketches

If you click the image, it will enlarge so you can read the text. I have 2 “altered text” or “found poetry” books that I work in off and on. One is a vintage non-fiction book with nice paper and a sewn binding. I do more serious stuff in that one. The other is a truly, truly bad piece of fiction on cheap paper with a cheap glued binding. I doodle and play in that one, trying to keep the pages either light-hearted or a bit odd. This is my latest page from that one. I think the steampunk novel I just finished reading may have influenced this page, a bit. 🙂

I did do several more traditional sketches this week, and you can click to the main page and scroll down to see those. I’ve been breaking in a brand new sketchbook. You can subscribe (over on the right) if you would like to keep up with what I’m posting during the week. Don’t forget to see what else is on the drawing board at Sunday Sketches this week!


Paint Party Friday – Judy’s Dogs

It’s Paint Party Friday again! I’ve been doing watercolor sketches from life in my sketch journal this week, but I did this one last night from a photo. The photo was one of this week’s WDE offerings at Wetcanvas.com. I just couldn’t resist these guys, so ready to hit the road, but it was late and I only had time for a sketch. It’s about 8″ x 5 1/2″ in my sketchbook. Take the PPF link to see what everyone else has been painting this week!