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Pretending to be in France

I’m taking a wonderful online course with Dreama Perry. We are going to Provence, France! Well, Dreama went to Provence and I’m pretending to be there with her and the rest of the Dreamettes while I paint beautiful French scenes along with her. She really has gone the extra mile to make us feel like we are there. I’m enjoying it. This week’s homework was this blue door framed by roses and jasmine vine. 9×12, oil on gessoboard panel.

Sketches & Red Shoes

red shoes waitingSorry I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit, lately! This is my latest painting, Red Shoes Waiting, 12″x12″ oil on panel. It’s currently in a local show but will be available in June.

And a couple of sketches for Sunday Sketches, too! Hubby and I stopped for coffee amidst the errands yesterday. Well, he had coffee and I had a bottle of water. It doesn’t look like him, (he said to say that) but I didn’t have my glasses with me. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. The pooch is our ancient Boston Terrier, Sophie. She’s about 200 years old but still chasing lizards and crickets. She just takes very long naps in between.

cheap thrillssophie

Winding Road


What is it about winding country roads? They are just so much more inviting that a straight road. Not much fun to drive on when you get car sick though, LOL. But so nice to look at. This is 6″x8″, oil on 3/8″ thick hardboard backed canvas. It is available on my Daily Paintworks page.

ETA: I realized the photo wasn’t as clear as it should be so I retook it. My camera always tells me I am shaking, so for once I actually dragged the tripod out of the closet and used it. Guess what? It still said I was shaking! That thing hates me.

If I can’t have sunshine, I’ll have red tulips.

redtulipswebIt’s been cold and gray and wet. I’ve been working on some paintings for a workshop I’m taking that have not been to my taste or style. All dark backgrounds and chiaroscuro effect still lifes. It was getting me down a bit. I decided I needed to paint something small and bright and cheerful to get out of my funk. This is the way I like my tulips best, not standing straight and tight like regimented soldiers but open and blowzy and bright. I feel better now. 🙂  You can see close-ups or buy it at Daily Paintworks. 6×6 oil on panel.

I’m Not Lost

I'm Not Lost

I’m sure this man is checking his email or checking his contacts for a phone number. He isn’t using Google maps. I’m sure he isn’t lost and even more sure that he will not be asking anyone for directions. I noticed him during my wanderings through Iceland for this month’s Virtual Paintout. He is currently on auction with a starting bid of $30. Well, the painting is, not the man.

I was accepted into Julia Kay’s Portrait Party and it has been so much fun picking out people to draw or paint and seeing the drawings that others do of me. I’ve only uploaded a couple of drawings so far but I’ve almost finished up a small painting and will be adding that, soon. I had to make a Flickr account to join, since i had inadvertently deleted my old one when I deleted my old yahoo groups account. I don’t like Flickr’s changes since i used it last! It will take some getting used to. LInking to my friends at  Paint Party Friday.