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February already? A new sketchbook.



I hadn’t come to terms with it being January 2014 yet and here is February.  The weather has been a little crazy lately and the cold and dark is making me moody and lethargic. I decided to paint something small and colorful to cheer myself up so on Thursday I started some red tulips. Very colorful and cheerful! But then on Friday I came down with a stomach virus, courtesy of my son, and didn’t get to finish it. Hopefully, today or tomorrow I’ll be up to it.

I started a new sketchbook, made by the hand book co. The paper is good. I can work on both sides with watercolor without show through or buckling. My dark water soluble markers show through a little. No bleed-through but you can see them. It opens flat and stays open. The paper is buff instead of white so I’ll have to get used to that but overall, I like it. That head is kinda creepy but I like the hand.


Sunday Sketches

Time for Sunday Sketches! Well, just one sketch. I went out with my ballpoint pen and sketchbook just long enough to sketch one of the flowers on my hibiscus. It was too hot to stay out any longer than that. All my other plants are just withering up in the heat but the hibiscus doesn’t mind it and keeps right on blooming.