Sunday Sketches – Little Red

Over on the Classical Art forum of, we are looking at the children’s illustrator Jesse Wilcox Smith – 1863-1935. I love her illustration of Little Red Riding Hood so for this week’s Sunday Sketches challenge, I did my own version of Little Red. This is about 5.5″ x 8″, watercolor pencil, in my sketchbook. You can click the image to see it larger.

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches – Little Red

    1. Deanna

      I love the expression on the wolf and Red. He looks like he’s counting the chickens before they’ve hatched and she looks like she’s been taken by surprise. Great job!

  1. Diana Evans

    oh wow!!! what a beautiful piece and I love little red riding hood….I still have the book from when I was a wee little girl!!!

    Love your style with this piece too!!!

  2. Marlene

    This is really wonderful, love the wolf – he looks so cunning and vicious; red is so sweet and innocent. It’s perfect.


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