Celebrate Life in the Land of Odd

The Three Muses have invited us to visit the Land of Odd with our art this week. I pretty much live there most of the time, anyway! I had fun bringing this gal to life. It took me a while to find just the right words in my pile of magazine clippings, but when I found them I knew there were the ones. This is also my entry for this week’s Whimsical Wednesday.

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26 thoughts on “Celebrate Life in the Land of Odd

  1. Karen S.

    Oh absouletly…and she’s got her eye on us to be sure we do celebrate well! Thanks your artwork is so darling!

  2. Rosie Rowe

    Oh see, now, this is a fab creation!! What fun!
    Image transfers – why not join the inkjet image transfers group on Yahoo – that’s where I learnt a lot!! And, a little mineral oil disguises the paper fluffies that you can’t get rid of… ‘o)

  3. Henniemavis

    When I look at this, it makes me feel fabulous! Great art, your style & taste in mediums is so diverse. I like that about you (I’m the same way).

    Only March listed as “Archives?” You’re new to blogging? Welcome & best wishes. That in itself is a fun & creative venture 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! I had a blog that I used mostly for art journal pages for a long time but life got crazy and I let it expire. When things settled down a bit I realized I missed it so I started a shiny new one. 🙂

  4. Sue Brown

    I enjoyed this visit to the Land of Odd. I’m inspired by your work to try out this collage style.


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