Sunday Sketches – a wip

Obviously, this is not finished and probably won’t be. I was working on it at night, which is my usual sketchbook play time, but I was tired and not paying much attention. I lost the highlights in the hair and was pretty much just scribbling in the background when I made myself stop. It may be salvageable after being in “time out” for a while. Perhaps it will show up again next Sunday looking better. 🙂 If not, I’ll hopefully have something I’m happier with to show. I’m showing this for Sunday Sketches, just to prove I’ve been practicing, successful or not. Click on over there and see what everyone has been sketching this week. I’ll be back to check myself, after church.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches – a wip

  1. Marlene

    It looks beautiful to me, I am sure it is salvagable – although it doesn’t need salvaging maybe just finishing.

  2. EVA

    It’s very pretty and coming along nicely. I think that making progress and creating is really what all the challenges are all about. They sure help me!

  3. Jennifer Noel Bower

    I am a big believer that everything is salvageable after a bit of rest. The answers will come to help you correct. I love this image, her dress especially. You have a great hand with your chosen medium.


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