Monthly Archives: April 2011

Paint Party Friday!

I’ve been having back trouble all week so the only art I’ve done has been in my sketchbook because I could do that on the sofa. I realized last night that I didn’t really have anything to show for PPF so I went to the art room long enough to do this little 8″x5.5″ Gerbera Daisy in watercolor.  It’s from my yard before we moved. I’m not very happy with it, but at least I was painting!

And look what I found! I did this little frog ages ago and meant to get a frame for him but didn’t get to it right away and then I misplaced him.  It is 4″x6″ soft pastels. I love my soft pastels but haven’t been able to use them at all since we moved because my art room has carpet. Light colored carpet and soft pastels are not good companions. I need to see if I can maybe use them at the kitchen table, if I am careful about cleanup. I miss them. If you haven’t noticed, I have a fondness for frogs and toads. Happy PPF, everyone!

Sketch Journal – Berries & Bicycles

Strawberries, angelfood cake, and whipped cream. Yum! I do live in “Berrytown” after all. It well deserves it’s nickname. We buy the strawberries by the flat at the farmer’s market or from trucks alongside the road. EDM #169 is draw a piece of cake. Yes, I’m skipping around and doing them out of order. 🙂

I also have this pink bicycle against a pink building that I forgot to show on Monday, for #35 – Draw a bicycle or a part of one. I was tickled to spot this while walking through downtown Covington and immediately wanted a vintage pink bicycle for myself. Bicycles are hard to draw! This one wasn’t really as wobbly and out of shape as it looks here.

I’ve decided on “Encyclopedia of” for my The Sketchbook Project theme. Now I just have to decide what the encyclopedia will be of! I have a couple of ideas but could change my mind a hundred times before the sketchbook actually gets here, so we’ll see.


Found Scribbles

I was too tired to sketch last night but I have to be doing something with my hands so I played with Found Scribbles. There might be another name for it, but Found Scribbles is what I call it. You know, when you scribble randomly and then try to pick out objects in the shapes of the scribbles? So I scribbled 3 sheets worth and found some animals and people last night and this morning (when the electricity finally came back on) I transferred a few of my favorites into my sketch journal.  I see a bear like creature, a bird man, a wolf like animal, something squirrely, a fish, and a woman. Of course, they might just look like scribbles to you. 😀 This is perfect play for a tired mind. Give it a try.

Sketch Journal – A Snack

EDM # 306 is Draw a snack. It’s hard to finish a sketch when you want to eat the subject. The little winged thing is a pecan. Here in the south that is puh-CON, and never ever ever PEE-can. There was one on the snack bar packaging and it flew right onto my sketch.

I’m planning to participate in The Sketchbook Project 2012 but I have to choose a theme before I sign up and I’m having trouble deciding. Have you signed up for this year, or done it in the past? I think I”ve narrowed the themes down to Time Travel, Encyclopedia of, or The Grey Side of Life. Or maybe I should play it safe and go with A path through the trees.

Helping Hands for Japan

Are any of you participating in  Helping Hands for Japan? They are asking artists to trace their hands, cut them out, art them up, and donate the hands for auction, with all proceeds going  to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund. The front of mine is watercolor and the back is mixed media. The need the hands by May 4 (I think) so there is still a little time if you hurry!

Sunday Sketches with Robots

I’m a bit late for Sunday Sketches this week, since I’ve been out of town.  It’s still Sunday though (Happy Easter!!!) so here’s my sketches. I’ve been sketching little robots while pretending to watch TV with the hubby. This is a compilation of the ones from this week. I’ll probably redo a few of them to use on some notepads and journals in my upcoming etsy shop.