A portrait for Paint Party Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s not just Friday, it’s Paint Party Friday, yay! Hopefully, Edith here counts, as she was done in pencil, so not technically a painting. Derwent Drawing Pencils (not the colored pencils) in my Strathmore Visual Journal. These pencils are so buttery soft. I love using them, but I have to be more patient than usual because they don’t erase at all. I did a light sketch in graphite first so I could fix errors and then went in with the Derwents. My little set of 12 only has these earthy colors and I haven’t seen bigger sets. The Strathmore journal doesn’t have as much tooth as my regular sketchbook but works fine for pencil if you keep it light. I really like the 9″x12″ size and the heavy pages that take paint, gesso, ect. so well. Click the pic to enlarge. I’m very happy with this one. 🙂

ETA: Some people have commented that Edith looks a lot like Angelina but this is a lovely young woman whose name really is Edith. She modeled for some artist reference photos. You should see the rest of her outfit! Maybe I’ll do a full length one some day just to show off the dress.


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28 thoughts on “A portrait for Paint Party Friday

  1. gloria

    Oh she is excellent! Those pencils are great. You’ve done a wonderful job with the details in her face. I love it and very interesting that they don’t erase. I like this drawing very much.

  2. Rhonda ~ Roban Studio

    Your portrait is fabulous! Did you draw her with a live model? I like to draw with pencils too and feel my draftsmanship is the best when I use pencils. I can’t find a Strathmore Visual Journal where I live. Where can I purchase one? Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Have a great weekend!

  3. Pam

    This is awesome! The detail is phenomenal. The fact that the pencils don’t erase would scare me away. Your work is truly amazing. I love it.

  4. Marlene

    She is gorgeous. I have some derwent pencils but have yet to do one that I like. Do you have any tips for using them?

    1. admin Post author

      I’m still learning with the Derwent’s but the best advice I can give is to use a very light touch and layer.

  5. Stephanie Corder

    Oh so beautiful- and she does look a bit like Angelina but with MUCH more substance 😀
    Wow, not being able to erase feels kind of like driving without a seat belt- but you pulled it off beautifully!!!
    I LOVE your style!
    Happy PPF- a day late!

  6. ileana

    Beautifully done. I can’t believe those drawing pencils work that kind of magic…I’d say it’s all your doing. She came out lifelike and very charming…but I did notice a resemblence to Angelina.

    You are a fantastic portrait artist. Wish you were local so we could sketch together. Have fun at the party!!

  7. pointypix

    This is fabulous. I love pencil drawings but am not very good at them myself. Edith is stunning and actually reminds me on the Australian actress Melissa George.

  8. Carrie Martinez

    She is so gorgeous and elegant…I’ve always found side portraits so challenging, but you have done a perfect job! And she’s prettier than Angelina 🙂 You are an amazing portrait artist! Wow! I keep noticing little shading and details that just bring life to this drawing…very lovely!

  9. yvonne

    Very vell done. Love it and I”m glad you included it in PPF. I”m just getting around to seeing everyon’es post and glad I didn’t miss yours. I’m yvonne #17 this week.


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