A closet for Amazons?

I hope everyone went surfing through Paint Party Friday yesterday. There were so many wonderful things to see. I was in the middle of a closet redo so I still have a handful of links to check but I will get to them soon. I had to do something about my closet. I am 5’6″ so not a short woman, yet I could not reach the rod to hang my clothes. This closet must have been made for an Amazon woman! You’d had to have been 7 foot tall to use the thing. We’ve been here over 2 years and it took me that long to decide to just move the thing down. Not done as easily as said, however. It is one of those wire shelf closet things (which I hate) and had 24 screws holding it up. 24! It took forever and now I have 24 large holes from the sheetrock anchors to fill but the rack is 6″ lower and I can reach up to it now. I would have put it lower but I would have had to move the lower shelf too, and wasn’t up to all that. I still have all the clothes to put back in. I also bought 2 sets of the drawer units to put in, because we don’t have a dresser. Hubby and I put those together and got them in last night. It will be so nice to have a closet I can use. I think I need a few new clothes to put in it. 🙂

This morning, I signed up for the 30 Days of PLaY workshop and am waiting for my invitation. I’ve been wanting to take an online workshop for a little play time but money has been tight and they are usually more than I can afford. This one is $10. I can afford that! Anyone else taking it?


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