Sunday Sketches – Easter Bonnet with Pink Peony

I love hats. I don’t wear them because I have a small head and they are always too big, and I don’t look good in them. But I still love them. I’ve been dreaming of a hat with a huge pink flower so for today’s Sunday Sketches, that is what I drew. This is just a little sketch, maybe 5″x6″ and I liked the hat but didn’t pay enough attention to the head I plopped it on. I decided to play with it a bit digitally and added a canvas texture and some pink swirlies, just for fun.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches – Easter Bonnet with Pink Peony

  1. Marlene

    LOL, I see I am in good company. I love hats but they don’t love me. They fit just look funny on me. I would love to be able to wear one of those big hats they wear on Easter but no. Your painting is lovely.

  2. Heather

    Very pretty. I love seeing women with hats, I usually only wear baseball caps! hee hee! It would be fun to wear them more – I would like one like yours with the pretty flower. She has a very serene face, too….I like her!!! have a great day!

  3. lissa

    lovely creation. I love the colors – soft and well matched. I’m with you and hats. I love them but they don’t make small sizes unless you shop at the kids section. anyhoo, have a great day.

  4. Sophia

    Love your hat with the rose. Adore it. I’m like you…I LOVE hats but cannot wear/sport them for the life of me. I envy the girls that can. 😀 hee

  5. dana

    I too love hats but don’t wear them… have a whole hat event coming up for work though – yikes… anyways, lovely piece!
    cheers, dana


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