Sketch Journal – Chives

This is so bad, I almost didn’t show it. Like an idiot, I sat in the full sun to sketch this and was so hot the sweat was running down my back. Even my dogs gave up before I finished and begged to go in. I did it as quickly as I could, because I was miserable, so that’s my excuse for the sloppiness! 🙂 I think the scanner darkened it a bit. Look at that wobbly pot, LOL. No, don’t look.

I worked on a project for a swap last night that came out really cute, but I can’t show it until Wednesday. What’s everyone working on today?


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2 thoughts on “Sketch Journal – Chives

  1. Ginny

    I actually like the sketch very much. Being out in full sun does not sound like fun to me but I am so glad you shared the sketch. It is great.


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