The Creative Tuesday theme this week is ROOFTOPS. I immediately thought of places where the houses are all jumbled up on top of one another, and the interesting shapes and colorsร‚ย  they make when seen from above. There is nothing like that here, as we value our outdoor space too much to live so close. Even in the middle ofร‚ย  town, the houses will each have at least a small yard to themselves. I used a photo from Free Foto as reference. The perspective is off some in this because I just drew it by eye, but I kind of like that. It adds to the jumbled feeling. Gouache and black Inktense pencil in sketchbook.

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21 thoughts on “Rooftops

  1. Wanda

    We visited Chicago years ago, and that is the view we got from some of the tall buildings. All cramped together, nice and cozy and love your choice of colors. Makes me want to go meet the neighbors.

  2. Anonymous

    I love the colours you have used and the perspective. We were on the same wavelength with our pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. QMM

    You did a great job on shading and light. I misunderstood and only did one roof. LOL Oh well it is all for fun and this was fun.

  4. B @ Sweet Limes

    Makes me realize how thrilled I am that I moved out of the crowded city a couple years ago. There is beauty and energy there, but I like the space and peace more. Great piece.

  5. Mmm

    WOW Meissa, this is so amazing. What an excellent craftsman you are adn great use of colour too. This must have taken you ages. I’m very humbled you did this for our theme. Its wonderful. Love it and welcome aboard.

    Love your masthead btw with the Toad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mmm

    OH NO!! that was a complete oversight Melissa. I sooo loved yours. I figured out waht happened. When I save and download each person’s image into a folder for the montage (as i did yours), I save them by each one’s name, so yours was saved as “melissa.” HOWEVER, later I downloaded Melissa Liban’s and it replaced yours. OK, I’m going to add it as an entry on its own, if you don;t mind. I’ll cut and paste this here too for people to see. I won;t let that happen again. Please don;t be discouraged. A total mistake on my part. Sorry.

  7. S.A.M.

    THIS IS GORGEOUS. I have a lot of panoramic rooftop photos from our trip to Istanbul, Turkey, and this reminded me of those intriguing views. If you’re ever interested, I can give you some!


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