A little altered text fun

I noticed my altered text book still lying about last night so I picked it up and did a quick page while pretending to watch TV with DH. Just a little silliness to pass the time. Click the image to get an enlargement so you can read the text.

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2 thoughts on “A little altered text fun

  1. Mmm

    What a great idea. Love it.

    BTW, I have fixed/added your entry. Tell me if this is alright (to use your iamge as such) or if you’d prefer it in the montage which will take some more work but I can do that later if you like. Again, so sorry. Left you a note on your rooftops post. A complete mistake as I had all intentions of including you and even downloaded your image but it got replaced. I know now to add just one “s” to your name, Melisa, in stead of two like Melissa Liban has.

    Anyway, again, it was a truly brilliant piece. Until the co-op gets too large I have every intention of including everyone;s work…especially those NEW to the CREATIVE TUESDAY co-op. thanks again for such a marvelous addition. you really are so talented.

  2. Nicola Toms

    Hi there, I love this piece. I did this excercise for an illustration class I once took and it was a great way to get the creative juices flowing plus it looks really cool too :0) great piece :0)


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