Paint Party Friday!

It’s Paint Party Friday again! Here’s a couple of things I worked on today. This is a little watercolor postcard, 4″x6″.  It’s for the Inspiration Avenue challenge theme of MOTHER. I’ve had it in mind all week but just got around to working on it tonight (It’s really midnight, Thursday but Friday is just a minute away!)



I’m also showing my sketchbook page for this morning; a couple of red amaryllis from my backyard. I have a whole row of these bright beauties.

It’s been a busy week and I have a few other things that got done, if you’d like to go to the main page you can scroll down and see what else I’ve been up to this week. Welcome to the party!


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40 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday!

  1. Deanna

    Melisa they are both stunning! The IA painting is just amazing and the color in your Amaryllis is to die for! Can I ask what type of watercolors you use? I’m searching for some good ones and don’t want to just rely on ratings on the web sites I’ve been looking at.

  2. Pointypix

    These are both gorgeous. I love the script around the flowers and the mother and child is simply stunning – you’ve really captured the feeling of love between the two.

  3. Pam

    Your work is breathtaking. The mother and child painting is so full of tender emotion. Gorgeous! And your journal page! Beautiful flowers! I love the writing around the flowers as well.

  4. Rhonda

    I love ALL your work! These two pieces are exceptional. I perused your blog and really like your sketchbook. We don’t have anything blooming here yet…winter is still hanging on. Happy PPF!

  5. Gloria

    I left a comment a few ago but it didn’t take. Had forgotten to input the required info. Just wanted to say that your painting of mom and child is fabulous. Very soft with a lot of emotion. Love your Amaryllis too. Those flowers are beautiful. Happy PPF!

  6. Stephanie Corder

    Your “mother” piece is so lovely and tender- you really caught the way it FEELS to be a mother- gorgeous work! And I love your sketchbook entry too- LOVE amaryllis- and the way you wrote around it is nicely done too!
    Happy PPF!

  7. Kristin Dudish

    These are beautiful… it is always such a pleasure to visit your blog! I like your robot altered book page too 🙂

    After seeing your altered book page for Sunday Sketches I’ve started seeing them everywhere… I had never heard of them before! Who knew?!? (Apparently everyone but me! ha!) Well, long story short – I think yours are fabulous!


  8. ileana

    The mother and child postcard is adorable…and the flowers just complete the picture. It shouts “new life!” as does the baby in the pc. Beautiful work!!

  9. EVA

    These are so lovely!

    The mother and child are so serene. Gorgeous. (Rats – don’t think I will have anything on that theme for IA this week)

    Amaryllis IN your GARDEN? WOW! I think of those as an indoor Xmas plant. Beautiful!

  10. Jenny

    oh your watercolour of mum and babe is just sublime…captures that precious moment so beautifully and tenderly. LOVE it! Your amaryllis piece is gorgeous too! unfortunately we had to banish our plant to the bathroom because it was causing major hayfever! So its lovely to be able to see your beautiful blooms 🙂
    You asked what size my painting was….it was on an 8×8 inch box canvas! x

  11. gemma

    Hi! I didn’t play on PPF this week. So glad you did though because I love these. Especially the Mother and child for IA. It is beautiful!

  12. Carrie Martinez

    What an incredibly sweet painting, full of a mama’s compassion and nurturing….makes me feel like snuggling my cozy little cuties. You have captured a precious moment that we wish could last an eternity. Beautiful!!
    The flowers are gorgeous! The color came out perfect, and I like the layout. Very nice!


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