Sketching cantaloupe makes me hungry.

This cantaloupe smelled so good while I was sketching it that I had to hurry, hurry and finish so I could eat some of it. 🙂 I got a new little Koi Watercolor Travel Set with 24 colors that is about the size of a postcard. It’s very cute! There is an even smaller one with 12 colors. This cantaloupe is my first play with the set. I’ll post a review of it once I’ve used it a bit more. I will say now that the colors are a little odd. Not the ones I normally use. It will take some getting used to.  I just noticed that I hadn’t ironed this page yet, and that is why it is so warped looking. This paper is not made for watercolor and warps a bit so I usually iron over the back with a quick swipe or two on a very low setting.  You have to be careful to have the iron very low and swipe quickly so you don’t brown the paper!

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4 thoughts on “Sketching cantaloupe makes me hungry.

  1. Ginny

    I really love this watercolor. I have never tried ironing the back of the paper but it will be something I try soon. Thank you for sharing both your work and idea.


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