Sketch Journal – More than 2 Legs

EDM #309 – Draw something with more than two legs. The only thing around here that fits that description is these 2 old clowns, Bogie and Sophie. Since they are not especially colorful, I thought I’d skip the watercolor and try my Mars Staedtler  Graphic 3000 Duo pen. I rarely use it because it is water soluble but I thought that might work to my advantage here. The pen has a brush tip on one end and a finer felt tip on the other. I sketched them  with the finer end and then used my water brush to pull the ink into the areas that I wanted dark. This would work pretty well with practice and it does work much better on watercolor paper than on this sketch paper where it soaks in so much faster. I let some areas get too dry before I wet them and they wouldn’t blend like I wanted. I need practice, but the technique works and is a simple way to get shading if you only have one pen with you.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is a great sketch of your two dogs. I love the pen work and you dealt with the problems very well.


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