Sketch Journal – A Snack

EDM # 306 is Draw a snack. It’s hard to finish a sketch when you want to eat the subject. The little winged thing is a pecan. Here in the south that is puh-CON, and never ever ever PEE-can. There was one on the snack bar packaging and it flew right onto my sketch.

I’m planning to participate in The Sketchbook Project 2012 but I have to choose a theme before I sign up and I’m having trouble deciding. Have you signed up for this year, or done it in the past? I think I”ve narrowed the themes down to Time Travel, Encyclopedia of, or The Grey Side of Life. Or maybe I should play it safe and go with A path through the trees.

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16 thoughts on “Sketch Journal – A Snack

  1. Elizabeth

    I love your sketch! An i, too, want to paticipate in the Sketchbook Project. So glad I can get to now you through Sunday Sketches. Thank for the sweet comment on my blog!! Blessings!

  2. lissa

    wonderful sketch. I’m not doing the sketchbook project but I think your themes could work. I like ‘time travel’ – it has a lot of possibilities and could even be taking literally.

    thanks for your visit. have a lovely day.

  3. Sasa

    Delicious sketch, I love the flying pecan!

    I’ve been thinking about joining the sketchbook project too. I can understand your problem of choosing the theme. I was so overwhelmed with that long list that I didn’t even bother to read them all. I would be happy with no options at all, sometimes constraints feed creativity.

  4. Amelia Critchlow

    wonderful sketch! I signed up last year to the sketchbook project and then couldn’t find my sketchbook when the sending deadline came along and then I found it after! Might sign up again this year. Thanks for the link 🙂


  5. Cathy Holtom

    Looks really yum,I would’ve eaten it!
    I did the sketchbook project last year. Try and imagine what you would do for your chosen title, it takes quite a while to fill and can get difficult thinking of new pages. I had to ask for suggestions on EDM!

  6. Sandra Torguson

    Yum to your sketch. For me, I would not choose The Grey Side of Life. Just the title would depress me. Of course, someone will come up with a beautiful journal. Good luck.

    1. admin Post author

      I was thinking with The Grey Side of Life, I could do things that were gray in color with maybe just a pop of color, rather than gray as in gloomy. I don’t like gloomy. But now I think I will go with Encyclopedia of.

  7. Ursula

    I can see why you’d have difficulty finishing the sketch before eating your snack! Nicely done.

    I recently signed up for the Sketchbook Project for the first time. I chose Monochromatic as the theme because it seemed the most wide open.

    I think time travel sounds like an interesting one (and now, of course, I’m sort of wishing I’d chosen that one!). Encyclopedia of could be interesting too – if you choose to do it as encyclopedia of yourself or your town or your state or whatever the possibilities are pretty much endless, and I think it would be a fun one to page through.

    Good luck!

  8. Voie de Vie

    Hey there – I didn’t know you started a blog! It’s absolutely wonderful! Lots of exclamation points! And I knew that was a puh-CON. 🙂

    You are an incredibly talented sketcher. This is an area of art I have yet to explore. Your participation in this sketchbook challenge is stimulating my imagination. Hmmm …

    P.S. FYI – on my screen, I can’t see the email addy box.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! I just started it last month so it’s still shiny and new, LOL. There should be a contact link at the top of my site, just under the search bar. Does that show for you? It should bring up a page with a contact form.
      Some people do collage and mixed media work for the sketchbook project, too. You should do it!

  9. Voie de Vie

    Yes, I do see it. I’ll follow up. I’m going to check out the Sketchbook project and see what I feel like doing. I’ve definitely been exploring mixed media lately. Your sketching talents leave me a little intimidated! But it might be good for me to stretch in that area. I’ll see. 🙂


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