Found Scribbles

I was too tired to sketch last night but I have to be doing something with my hands so I played with Found Scribbles. There might be another name for it, but Found Scribbles is what I call it. You know, when you scribble randomly and then try to pick out objects in the shapes of the scribbles? So I scribbled 3 sheets worth and found some animals and people last night and this morning (when the electricity finally came back on) I transferred a few of my favorites into my sketch journal.  I see a bear like creature, a bird man, a wolf like animal, something squirrely, a fish, and a woman. Of course, they might just look like scribbles to you. 😀 This is perfect play for a tired mind. Give it a try.

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7 thoughts on “Found Scribbles

  1. Daniella

    That is a great idea! To doodle, and find some that look like something! I have to try that!!!

    Of course, if I could doodle as beautifully as you, I’d doodle all the time!!! LOVE it!


  2. Mmm

    These are great excercisizes for creativity–like cloud watching, right?

    Sorry you missed Ct. I hope you can make it next time though. I was being so careful to make sure I got yours when it came in too. LOL.

    1. admin Post author

      LOL, I appreciate the extra effort and I’ll be ready next time. I don’t know how I lost a whole week but I was thinking since it is every 2 weeks I still had a week left!


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