Sketch Journal – Berries & Bicycles

Strawberries, angelfood cake, and whipped cream. Yum! I do live in “Berrytown” after all. It well deserves it’s nickname. We buy the strawberries by the flat at the farmer’s market or from trucks alongside the road. EDM #169 is draw a piece of cake. Yes, I’m skipping around and doing them out of order. 🙂

I also have this pink bicycle against a pink building that I forgot to show on Monday, for #35 – Draw a bicycle or a part of one. I was tickled to spot this while walking through downtown Covington and immediately wanted a vintage pink bicycle for myself. Bicycles are hard to draw! This one wasn’t really as wobbly and out of shape as it looks here.

I’ve decided on “Encyclopedia of” for my The Sketchbook Project theme. Now I just have to decide what the encyclopedia will be of! I have a couple of ideas but could change my mind a hundred times before the sketchbook actually gets here, so we’ll see.


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5 thoughts on “Sketch Journal – Berries & Bicycles

  1. Ursula

    The cake and strawberries look so rich and delicious!

    I’ve tried to draw bikes, too, and find them extremely difficult. It’s not even because of the circles, I don’t think, it’s just the way things fit together (or don’t, in my drawings!). I think you did a great job with it.


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