Paint Party Friday!

I’ve been having back trouble all week so the only art I’ve done has been in my sketchbook because I could do that on the sofa. I realized last night that I didn’t really have anything to show for PPF so I went to the art room long enough to do this little 8″x5.5″ Gerbera Daisy in watercolor.  It’s from my yard before we moved. I’m not very happy with it, but at least I was painting!

And look what I found! I did this little frog ages ago and meant to get a frame for him but didn’t get to it right away and then I misplaced him.  It is 4″x6″ soft pastels. I love my soft pastels but haven’t been able to use them at all since we moved because my art room has carpet. Light colored carpet and soft pastels are not good companions. I need to see if I can maybe use them at the kitchen table, if I am careful about cleanup. I miss them. If you haven’t noticed, I have a fondness for frogs and toads. Happy PPF, everyone!

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35 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday!

  1. Rhonda

    Sorry to hear about your back troubles. I can relate. Your daisy is lovely. What’s not to like? I’m glad you found your frog. He’s looking good in the frame. I hope you feel better soon. Happy PPF! 🙂

  2. Gloria

    That’s really a very good daisy. Well done! I love your frog. He looks like he is ready to jump. The colors are perfect for him. Very nice. Have a great fun PPF!

  3. NatashaMay

    Gerbera is beautiful! I love the texture the watercolor paper gives it. And the frog is just amazing! Maybe you should pull out the carpet from your art room. :))

  4. Mari

    Watercolor Ok… I do not think you should leave the pastels looks fantastic. I understand your back I sometimes I have the same problem, I hope you feel better, a hug

  5. Kristin Dudish

    Gerbera daisies are my favorite 🙂

    Your frog is fabulous too (The mess of soft pastels always keeps me away too).

    I hope your back feels better soon…


    p.s. I wish I lived closer to Berrytown – what a yummy place to be!

  6. Tammie

    I love your daisy piece. I can only wonder if you look at it with new eyes in a couple days if you might like it better. Charming frog too.

  7. Pam

    Gerbera daisies are my favorite! They always make me happy. Yours is no exception. Perfect color! 🙂
    Your frog is awesome! Beautiful colors on him. Wonderful works. I’m sorry your back is hurting. I’m sending healing thoughts your way.

  8. Lisa WrightStuff

    I love them both, but that frog is fab. You really captured that soft squidgy texture of the skin – sort of flappy and moist – especially clever with dry pastels.

    Love gerberas too.

  9. Jenny

    Gorgeous gerbera…and lovely view from your window 🙂 LOVE the froggies..I LOVE your froggie too! now I see why your chosen print of mine would be the chameleon one…they must be related somehow 🙂
    Hope your back heals quickly xx

  10. Voie de Vie

    Watercolors and soft pastels – two mediums I have yet to seriously explore, although I have both mixed in with the acrylics. Must admit, I love your gerbera and I agree with others – what’s not to like?

    Of course, we’re usually our own harshest critic … 🙂

  11. Alex Tan

    These are just amazing! I really like the sharpness of the contrasts, and in lots of ways they look photo-realistic. Great job with the colors!

  12. Rosie

    For a moment there I thought you had a photo of a gerbera on a painted background – well almost, what I am trying to say is it is so ALIVE

  13. denise

    Great work! I love frogs too!
    I think the gerber daisy is fantastic, your too hard on yourself.
    Back problems are terribe. I hope you Feel better!

  14. EVA

    These are fabulous! the Gerber is gorgeous and what a wonderful perspective in it. You grow them? Nice!!!

    The frog is superb! Get it framed now! 😉
    Both of them!

  15. Stephanie Corder

    Beautiful work- I LOVE Gerbera daisies (actually when my daughter was three, she loved them so much she named her cat after them!)
    And the frog is wonderful…..I hope you can find a way to be able to use your pastels again, you obviously are very good with them:)

  16. Jaime

    What? you don’t like the flower? I love it and the perspective and scale is fantastic, the tree next to the flower is great. I love your frog! I love your pastel!


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