Monthly Archives: May 2011

Sketch Journal – Geranium buds

I braved the 94 degree heat to do a quickie sketch of my new geranium that is getting ready to bloom. It was a gift from my mom this weekend. Geraniums are one of my “happy flowers” and I can’t resist them. The tiny little buds look so cute, just waiting their turn to burst open into bloom. Those 3 little dots in the top corner are the 3 colors of paint that I used.

The Three Muses – Blue

The Three Muses have asked for something blue this week so I made a page in my journal. I found an interesting prompt and tutorial at Green Isle Crafts on tearing a random shape from a folded book page and seeing what you could make with it. Mine looked like a dog to me, among other things, so I made him a window to look out of. Maybe he’s watching a bird fly by. This journal is bigger than my scanner, so it’s a bit cropped but the important bits are there. 🙂 This was a fun prompt and I’ll be trying it again.

Creative Tuesdays – Trees

The Creative Tuesday theme this week is Trees. I’m not good at trees but I gave it a shot. At The Broken Egg, where we occasionally eat, there are some outdoor tables and near those there is a tree with a face on it.  While thinking of ideas for trees I thought of that funny tree and it inspired this little conversation between a raccoon and a wise old tree. At least I didn’t have to draw leaves, LOL.