Sunday Sketches – Cuban Dancer

My website was down most of yesterday, along with hundreds of others, because some hacker group didn’t like something he saw on one website and decided to attack the host, bringing down all the websites who just happened to be hosted on the same server. Great way to use your talents, kids. Looks like it is finally back under control so I can post my entry to Sunday Sketches before I head off to church. One of the photos for the WDE at Wetcanvas this week was this lively Cuban dancer.ร‚ย  She’s wearing purple, so I couldn’t resist sketching her. Gotta get myself an outfit like that. Especially the hat! Watercolors, gel pens, water soluble graphite, and colored pencilร‚ย  in my sketch journal. Click on over to the home page to see what else I was up to this past week, if you have time to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches – Cuban Dancer

  1. Jenny

    oohhh love your latino dancer…can’t beat those salsa grooves…
    Good news also!! You are of the winners of my print giveaway! Yay! So if you let me know your address I shall get my wee chameleon sent of to you shortly! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend :)xx

  2. Shayla

    Toad in a boat! That is so awesome! Anyways yeah that is stupid about the hackers it is insane how easy it really is to hack just about anything on the internet with just a bit of knowledge about what you are doing. I don’t believe in messing up servers or anything like that. Your artwork is extremely beautiful. She is looks fabulous and the color palette is GORGEOUS!

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