Every Day in May

This is my son T at Tammany Trace. It is a Rails to Trails project, meaning they turned the old, unused railroad into a walking/biking trail. It is over 30 miles long. At the Ranger Station Trailhead, the picnic tables and benches have been painted by artists and are fun and colorful. T actually let me take his photo at one of the tables. He NEVER lets me take his picture. I did this from the photo so I could take my time and get a likeness. This table had a weird underwater creature theme.

I thought I’d also show this little fox I painted over the weekend. It isn’t in my usual style, but I had fun with it. It’s acrylic on 6″x6″ canvas.

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2 thoughts on “Every Day in May

  1. Gallery Juana

    Our city did the same with an old rail. They make the best bike trails!
    cool color drawing of your son and sweet fox painting.


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