A new journal

I filled my regular art journal a couple months ago. I’ve been working in my sketch journal a lot, which is important, but sometimes I just want to smear paint around and glue and be messy. It was time for a new art journal. I usually hand stitch them but just wasn’t finding the time for it so I decided to make a spiral bound one this time. This one is also smaller than I normally use, at 5 1/2″ x 9 1/4″. Humpty (I painted him just for this), the bee (hand carved rubber stamp, and the M all have significance to me.

I decorated the cover but didn’t get to work in it yesterday. Instead, I did a page in my sketch journal for The Sketchbook Challenge’s new May theme – resist. I used a white crayon on highlighted areas of the puppy and as the border in the background, then washed watercolor over it. So a resist technique to portray something I can’t resist – puppies! Who can resist puppies?

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7 thoughts on “A new journal

  1. Kristin Dudish

    Very, very cool.

    I love your new journal – Humpty Dumpty is great (and I just cut a bumblebee stamp too – how funny is that?)

    I think your double resist page is fabulous 🙂


  2. Voie de Vie

    I know I can’t resist puppies! We’re hardwired to love them. 🙂 Yours is especially adorable.

    I also really love the cover of your new art journal.


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