A portrait for Paint Party Friday

I managed to paint for a little while on Wednesday, despite my mysterious back pain. This isn’t finished, because I couldn’t sit at my art desk for very long, but I thought it was far enough along to show. His name is Mike and he is the son of last week’s WDE host. Handsome guy, isn’t he? Watercolor, 9×12, but cropped a bit by my scanner. I didn’t bother to stretch the paper first, so of course it buckled. Shame on me for being lazy. But I painted, so I’m happy! Please do visit the other Paint Party Friday participants. It’s always a fun party!

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32 thoughts on “A portrait for Paint Party Friday

  1. Annabelle

    This is gorgeous and he is handsome….lovely work!You are one very, very talented artist!
    Hope you get better soon and see what troubles your back.
    In this rainy damp weather my arthritis has been painful but thank God for Tylenol Arthritis….it really works!

    Have a great weekend…Happy Mothers Day.

    Annabelle >^..^<

  2. Voie de Vie

    Pooyah – that is awesome! Can see the buckling, and really like the crop. It just works.

    Take it easy and feel better!

  3. Pointy Pix

    What a great portrait! I love that he has his flat cap and rain mac on and looks a little cross even!! I hope your back pain goes as mysteriously as it came.

  4. Jaime

    I could use a lesson from you on flesh. I painted my self portrait last night with pan watercolors and now I’m a pink little piggy! Ugh. Too late to do anything about it now I guess. Live and learn. Fabulous painting.

    Happy Mother’s Day Weekend and PPF!


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