Sunday Sketches – Joey the Monkey

I’m posting for Sunday Sketches a little early since I’ll be gone until late in the day tomorrow.  So, obviously I sketched this a couple of days before Sunday but it’s brand new to the blog so I hope it counts. Joey is a monkey. Joey is big. Joey is pink.  What’s not to love? Thanks go to Angie at Wetcanvas for the photo ref in this Friday’s WDE.

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches – Joey the Monkey

  1. EVA

    I think he is a wonderful monkey! You did a fabulous job.

    If you were alone he might be nice to have in your living room to keep you company, I guess.

    1. admin Post author

      I used mostly Quinacridone Rose, Perm yellow Deep, Perm Orange, Light Red (looks like sienna to me) and in the background I used cerulean blue and Payne’s Grey. These are all in my little Koi travel watercolor kit.

  2. S.A.M.

    Beware. All hearts and butterflies in the daylight, sure, but you never know what he’ll do when the sun sets. I’ve got my good eye on him for you. (grin)


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