Altering Mona

The Three Muses challenge this week is Altering Mona. I wasn’t going to participate because I didn’t want to use printouts or do digital, but last night I remembered that I had a large picture of Mona Lisa in my junk mail folder, courtesy of the History Channel. I dug it out (it was from 2006!) and it was just the right size to decorate a manila folder so I pulled out some more junk mail and gave her a little makeover. The folder is a little bigger than my scanner but you can see most of it.

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12 thoughts on “Altering Mona

  1. My Beautiful Life

    What a cool collage, and I agree with all the previous comments about the eye!

    P.S. Thanks for the recent visit, and for your sweet compliment on our craigslist dresser makeover.

  2. Kristin Dudish

    I think it is fabulous that this is on a manilla folder – so creative 🙂

    Your purple cats below are jumping right off the page… so, so good!


    p.s. I hope your back is feeling better 🙂

  3. janey

    HI, thank you for visiting my site and nice comment. I too love junk mail but I draw mine. And purple cats are just by me.

  4. S.A.M.

    “Mona just wanted to be her own self”, did you write that? Love it!!! The eye is gorgeous but perhaps I’m biased – a lovely, full brow has always been my favorite. (I grew up admiring Brooke Shields’ eyebrows, haha)


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