Paint Party Friday – Pekingese

Happy Paint Party Friday, everyone! PPF seems to be running late this week. I think Blogger is still having some issues. I’m so glad I use WordPress! This week I painted a little pekingese named Charlie. Ref photo was provided by Angie at This is acrylic, which I rarely use, on a little 6″x6″ wrapped canvas, so you are probably viewing it close to actual size if you are on a computer and not a phone. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday – Pekingese

  1. Voie de Vie

    Love that Charlie! Also love acrylics. I’ve not really explored watercolors, or oils, yet.

    Btw, the Blogger bogey-man ate my Wednesday food post. Oh well … it’s the first issue I’ve had since I started blogging last September, so I can’t complain.

  2. Pointy Pix

    Gorgeous wee dog and a great painting!! I’m thinking of transferring my blog to wordpress if blogger ever lets us down like it did today again!!

  3. ileana

    You made me smile with this one! I’m in love with Charlie! 🙂 What a cutie and you’ve done a wonderful job capturing his expression…so sweet!!

  4. EVA

    Thanks for being patient for the start of PPF. After staying up half the night waiting for Blogger to come back up and refreshing the screen every few minutes all morning, I had to go to an appointment and of course, that’s when Blogger chose to come back up (but lose the scheduled post). If it had happened Monday we might not even have noticed. Oh well. 🙁

    I love Charlie. You did a fabulous job, his character shines through!


  5. S.A.M.

    This is too cool!!!! I’m a cat lover, but you made me want to snuggle him – so cuddly! Beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy the natural gifts God gave us? 🙂 Please paint me a house for Charlie to live in. (a People House that is, LOL)


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