An altered Tin for Three Muses

The Three Muses theme this week is eggs. I’ve mentioned before that Humpty Dumpty has a special place in our family because, for some reason, my son was just crazy about him when he was little. Humpty is an egg, so I made a little altered sardine tin with a Humpty theme. The photo is a little blurry but looks better if you click to enlarge it.

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15 thoughts on “An altered Tin for Three Muses

    1. admin Post author

      Oh yes, I did! Spicy mustard sardines (my fave flavor), a few saltine crackers and a cucumber salad. Great lunch, full of protein!

  1. taluula

    I have always been hooked on Humpty Dumpty myself and I love him in this lovely altered tin. I’m with Bev on this one, it is full of joy. Bravo.


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