Creative Tuesdays – Trees

The Creative Tuesday theme this week is Trees. I’m not good at trees but I gave it a shot. At The Broken Egg, where we occasionally eat, there are some outdoor tables and near those there is a tree with a face on it.  While thinking of ideas for trees I thought of that funny tree and it inspired this little conversation between a raccoon and a wise old tree. At least I didn’t have to draw leaves, LOL.

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21 thoughts on “Creative Tuesdays – Trees

  1. Birdie

    I think you’re pretty darn good at trees. My uncle had these tree “faces” that he put on several of his trees, and that’s just what this reminds me of. Also that is the cutest raccoon ever.

  2. heather stillufsen

    oh yes!! Of course, you know i love this because I have a lot of trees on my property, and one of them wears a face…hee! the kids LOVE it…and this looks just like it! and YES, we even had a family of raccoons, so you are right on with this tree! LOVE LOVE it

  3. Wanda

    Your tree is just great, and love the expression on the face, and wondering what that little conversation between raccoon and tree was!

  4. Kristin Dudish

    Wow – for someone who “isn’t good at trees”, I’d say you nailed it 🙂 I love those faces for trees… and a raccoon having a conversation with one – fabulous!


  5. Mmm

    Melisa, I thought I left a comment so am wondering if blogging is acting up. Oh I do hope not as I want to tell you how much I enjoy the story here. that raccoon is so captivating. Great tree too. TY so much for doing this.

  6. Holly

    Reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz. Love the detail of the little masked bandit peeking around the edge.


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