One Line Owl

A one line owl that kept me entertained last night. I posted him to prove to my friend S that I really was playing with crayons last night. S doesn’t like owls, but I think I can convert her in time. 😉 Crayola crayons, black Pitt brush pen, and white gel pen. I found that my gel pen doesn’t work well over copic marker but does over the Pitt pens. He looks like he might have something important that he wants to say so he’ll probably end up in my journal.

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7 thoughts on “One Line Owl

  1. Sam

    LOL!! I love your owl. I love your crayons. But only if they are new bc I don’t like old ones. The only old things I like are myself and cheese. And grits. But grits aren’t old, so nevermind.

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  3. Sam

    Bc of you I am beginning to think owl jewelry is interesting and, when created properly, can be very pretty. Plz forgive me for saying (blanks) were (blank). I was a fool!!!


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