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Mr. Toast wants to see some old timey storefronts this week. I immediately thought of Central Grocery in New Orleans. We rarely go into the city anymore, but when we did, we liked to stop at Central to get a muffaletta to go on the way home. I hear the food and service there aren’t as good as they used to be, but I’m getting hungry just thinking about that muffaletta.

I am not happy with this at all and after scanning it I realize why. There are no people. I’ve never seen this sidewalk empty. It just looks wrong. It looks stiff and lifeless but this is a very lively street (Decatur St). Oh well, I am posting it anyway to show I did play along. Watercolor pencil in my sketchbook.

ETA: Claire asked, What is a muffaletta?” Here’s a link to a photo. Have a look if you aren’t familiar with them. It’s like nothing else on the planet. BTW, these are 8″-10″ but most people do not eat a whole one!


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23 thoughts on “Creative Tuesdays – Storefront

    1. admin Post author

      Claire – A muffaletta is a New Orleans specialty sandwich. It is served on a big 8″ – 10″ round bun (usually cut into quarters for easier eating) and is piled high with salami, Italian ham, provolone, and other meats and cheeses. The most important ingredient is the olive salad. It is a relish made with chopped green olives. Not exactly a healthy lunch but so good every once in a while. Of course I don’t eat the whole thing! My family of 3 shares one.

  1. Voie de Vie

    Well, I admit that I’m familiar with that storefront – although didn’t go inside to shop. I was way too much in a hurry to get to Cafe du Monde.

    Beignets and coffee are definitey much more my speed. 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      We always have the cafe au lait and beignets while there and then the muffaletta to go for later, LOL. But we have a Cafe du Monde that is a lot closer to us now and without the hassle of driving and parking in downtown NOLA.

  2. Kristen (Creative Stash)

    such a great illustration. it does feel very peaceful – I like Clarie’s take on it being early morning. Yum muffalettas! My husband and I had our one and only muffaletta during Jazz Fest a few years ago. ~ Kristen from CED

  3. Wanda

    Oh I thought this was a delightful painting. In fact if you squint ~~you can see the people..that’s what imagination is for.

    The sandwich to die for. Oh my, what a delicious and huge sandwich. Love what you did for today’s challenge.

  4. Anonymous

    Love the colours of your storefront. Perhaps all the people are inside eating their muffalettas.

  5. Cathy

    Think of the shop in the quiet early hours of the morning before it opens. It really needs no people to make it delightful!

  6. Birdie

    SQUEEEBLES! I just had a (fake) muffaletta yesterday… They don’t really have real ones here in Indiana. This is a great picture–wish I could be there.

  7. Mmm

    Awww, well i’m quite sure there would be a bunch of people at that store. It looks so wonderful. Well done!! Love it. TY.

  8. crystal

    The storefront looks wonderful…the better to see the store. I often take people out of my paintings so the focus will be on the actual building. The sandwich looks DEEE-licous!!! Wish they had something like that around here, I love olives so its right up my alley! 😉

  9. Daniella

    That is awesome!!! I love the look of it, and the colors!
    I have to go find out about a mufaletta? !!

  10. lissa

    I like the colors and I don’t think it’s wrong without people. perhaps this is early in the morning and that’s why there’s no people?

  11. Janice

    Delightful store front! Thanks for the cyber trip to New Orleans. And good to learn something about new: a muffaletta. All I can say is yum!


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