Paint Party Friday – a work in progress

This is Radar, a pitt bull pup. He belongs to Bunnykat1957 over at She shared his photo there for painting. I loved the way his eyes were open so big and round and questioning. This must be what wide-eyed innocence looks like, LOL. He’s not finished yet but I needed something to show at Paint Party Friday this week and he volunteered. πŸ™‚ He’ll look better when I get back to him and finish him up.

It  is 9×12, watercolor,  but my scanner cropped it a bit. It also washed out the color in the white areas and left a lot of glare on the background. Since it’s night here and I can’t take a photo, it will have to do.


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38 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday – a work in progress

  1. amy

    oh watercolors – you seem to have nearly mastered them, whist they remain my nemesis. I always think, oh… there is nothing to be done with watercolor – but then i see a painting like your unfinished dog – and i feel a bit reinspired to try again. It’s a case, for me, of not knowing enough about watercolors – nooo… it’s that i can’t work fast enough perhaps – they dry so Fast. πŸ™‚

    too fast for a mistake maker πŸ™‚

    You’ve done lovely work with those tricky (to me) paints

  2. Pointypix

    Oh he’s adorable!!As anyone who regularly visits my blog will tell you I am slightly passionate about all things dog and you have so totally captured this wee fella’s wide-eyed innocence! He already looks brilliant but I’ll look forward to seeing him completely finished.

  3. ileana

    Beautiful pup…love the expression on his face and those eyes. I admire anyone who can do watercolor, not easy…and you’ve done an awesome job! Happy PPF!!

  4. Jenny

    Radar? What a great name! And he DOES look as if he could sniff out a bone miles away :)What a gorgeous expression captured so well…looks great! x

  5. Stacy

    I love him! He is so adorable! Thanks so much for coming by my blog ;o) Have a wonderful weekend! Stacy ;o)

  6. Sunshineshelle

    This is a great painting of such an adorable subject, he looks like he’s about to talk to me, like, what are you doing here LOL… love the eyes looking straight at you, I’d give him a treat if I had one LOL!! Happy PPF πŸ™‚

  7. Mary Hysong

    Oh he is really adorable! don’t you just love WC? I do, which reminds me I haven’t been there in a bit because I’ve been so busy over at squidoo! Happy PPF even if I am a bit late to the party!

  8. Cameron

    This is perfect! You caught the cute inquisitive expression pits get so wonderfully and the coloration of his nose is so realistic!

    …and those eyes!
    This is fantastic!


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