The Summer of Color – Pink

Pink and shabby, comfortable and familiar, after all these year.

The Summer of Color theme this week is pink. I wanted to do another altered book page and was lucky enough to find a reference to pink azaleas in the book I’ve been using. Other words on the page such as shabby and comfortable made me think of a much loved stuffed toy that has been dragged around and loved for years, providing comfort and companionship to some little one. We were to use wax in some way for extra credit so I used a white wax crayon for the word Shabby. It acts as a resist to the green watercolor. Next week’s challenge color is Yellow with a bonus of metallics. I hope I can find the word yellow in my book!

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29 thoughts on “The Summer of Color – Pink

  1. amy

    I like the book page – one, i love pink and two, i really like that you didn’t go all crazy covering all of the text on the page.
    to me, that is always part of the magic of altering books – leaving some of the awesomeness of the book there so that it’s wisdom comes through.

    1. admin Post author

      LOL, thanks! I just might do the gypsy thing, but I hope it doesn’t come off more like a crazy old fortune teller instead. 😉

  2. Kristin Van Valkenburgh

    LOVE!!! The first thing I thought of was the Velveteen Rabbit! And I must try your trick with the book pages – I smile every time I see that! Your work is just beautiful – thank you for sharing! xo

  3. Kathy

    Aww this is the cutest bunny soft and cuddly looking.. great pink page.. thanks for the info on the crayons resisting the watercolors… thanks for stopping by mine too

  4. Sam

    Now THIS is a Pink Proclamation, baby!! Pray tell, has a southern lady run her rose tipped nails along your page, lanquidly scrolling “Shabby” for her own delight? Ah yes, but of course she did… Me loves that it was u.


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