Sunday Sketches & a new book

I recently got the book, Keys to Drawing with Imagination by Bert Dodson. It’s really interesting. It isn’t a how to draw book, but a book with exercises to help you be more creative in your drawing. One of the exercises is called an add on drawing. You just add a new drawing or doodle to the same sheet of paper each day until the paper is full. You don’t worry about relative size or perspective and you let the images overlap. The idea is that it is easier to think of one small thing to draw each day than to think of 20 things all at once. I started this little drawing this week and have been adding one thing each evening before bed. The weird white thing in the center is a bird skull but since some of the beak is hidden behind the lizard it is hard to tell on the scan. These are colored pencil on brown kraft paper.
If you have some time, check out all the other Sunday Sketches participants. It’s always fun to see what everyone is working on.

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches & a new book

  1. Linda

    Interesting idea to add something each day! I’ll have to try that! It should boost creativity in the end!

  2. Carol

    wonderful sketch ~ just found Sketch Sunday ~ a day late ~ but I am here and hope to have a ‘sketch’ new next sunday ~ hugs ^_^

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, do join us next week with a sketch! And if you paint, there is also Paint Party Friday. There’s a link to that in my sidebar, too.


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