Sunday Sketches – Add-on Drawing

It’s time for Sunday Sketches! I worked on my add-on drawing some this week. I just kept my box of colored pencils on the floor next to the sofa and each evening, if I wasn’t too tired, I added a little something before bed. I’m having a really busy weekend and falling behind on my sleep so it will probably be Monday before I make the PPF and SS rounds but I am anxious to see what everyone has been up to, since I missed last week..

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches – Add-on Drawing

  1. Nan

    Just love your are very good. I love to just make little drawings while I sit and wiat at doctors or restaurants. They turn out to be the most interesting sometimes! 🙂 Nan

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! I just pulled up a photo of a pig on the laptop, which was sitting on the end table next to me. I usually watch TV by sound anyway, rarely looking at the screen, since I am usually doing something else at the same time. I’m not a good TV watcher, LOL. I am too easily distracted to just watch the screen.


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