Monthly Archives: August 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow ATC

Happy Paint Party Friday, everyone! I’ve been working small this week on ATCs and bookmarks for This is my Captain Jack Sparrow ATC that is heading to Lithuania this morning for the Pay it Backwards game. He is in watercolor pencil on hot press wc paper. I wasn’t sure I could get a likeness at this tiny size but I think he is recognizable and I’m very pleased with it. I especially like the look of the leather on his hat. I also finished the third of the Elegant Animal People trio of ATCs that I showed part of last week. I posted it on Tuedsay so you can see that one here.

CRUSADE No. 54 ~ Mind Games

It’s been way too long since I played along with the GPP Street team challenges. Not since my old blog! Michelle always has great challenges and I’d like to start participating again. This month, the challenge is to think of some words or phrases and “invent” the colors that those words inspire. These are the colors that I came up with.

An Elegant Giraffe ATC

This is the third card for the Elegant Animal People ATC swap that I am in. It’s been so long since I did ATCs but these were fun cards to do. You can see the other two in last Friday’s post. They are watercolor, watercolor pencil, inktense pencil and gel pen. I’ve got a Captain Jack Sparrow card in the works and will probably show that one on Friday.

Junk Mail Book

Sophia is going through a very difficult time right now. She and her father need our prayers. While she is away, Heather at Rose Hill Designs  is hosting Sunday Sketches.

I’m showing off the Junk Mail Book that I made in Carla Sonheim’s Summer Camp. I really loved the puzzle like aspect of this book; how each picture that overlapped a page had to  morph into something else on another page. I hope you have time to click for enlargements to see how it all works together.

See how the mouse on the cover morphs into the winged creature on the next spread? And the head of the creature at the top becomes a sea creature, then a submarine and later a little house.

The horns of the cow become the ears of the own and part of the cows nose becomes a wing tip.

Those fish tails will become lizard feet and one leg of the starfish will become an insect and then a rabbit ear.

The goblins hair came from the cow. The ziggy guy is drawn partially on the clear envelope plastic so he shows on both sides of the page.

One of those trees will become a bird’s beak and the bald guy will become a rabbit!

I really loved working on this and I know I’ll do more this way. The junk mail is covered in gesso and then watercolor and the pictures are drawn in permanent marker. Happy Sunday Sketches!

ATCs for Paint Party Friday

Happy Paint Party Friday! I’ve been painting all week on my junk mail book for Carla Sonheim’s summer camp and it is almost finished but the last lesson is today so I’ll show that in the next couple of days.  These are a couple of ATCs I painted this week for an Elegant Animal People themed swap at Illustrated ATCs. It’s 3 for 3 so I need to do one more. I haven’t done ATCs in so long! It will be fun to trade again.