Paint Blob Creatures for Paint Party Friday

Just a few little paint blob creatures today for Paint Party Friday. Must post and run because I have more homework to do for Imaginary Creatures summer camp. I’ll be making the rounds later to see what everyone else has been up to this week.

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24 thoughts on “Paint Blob Creatures for Paint Party Friday

  1. Crafty Dawn

    I have tried this technique thanks to you but I am just no very good. I will have to reach for my inner child I think. i love what you come up with though ;0) Dxx

  2. laurie

    I love these blob paintings and its such fun idea! I’m slow this week getting to visit everybody,, thankyou for visiting me today and your kind words

  3. Faye

    Your blog paints are so cute. Each one has its own separate personality. Thanks for coming over to my blog for a visit.

    1. Terrie in Seattle

      For such little sketches, there is sure a lot of personality in those expressive faces! Thanks for visiting me – I follow you so see your delightful creations all the time and enjoy every one!


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