One line faces & more

In Carla’s summer camp today we did 10 one line faces from one photo. You have to draw quickly without ever lifting the pen from the paper. We then chose 2 of the 10 to add a little shading to with water, since they were drawn with a water soluble marker. Mine favorite 2 are below. Fun, huh? Then we had to do two 20min portraits with sharpie and water soluble crayon, aiming for more realism. One of them had to be the same one you used for the one liners. I am not used to using markers for faces, and I’m not sure I like the hard lines they give, but it is fun to try something different. This is day 3 and we are up to 55 faces!

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4 thoughts on “One line faces & more

  1. Karen S.

    This is very delightful and filled with such whimsy too! His face in the end almost gives the impression that there just may be more, or something else drawn inside his face. Very cool!


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