Pastel Finger Painting for PPF

In the Faces 101! summer camp yesterday we finger painted with pastels. Mine all looked a little freaky  but this is my favorite of the batch so I’m showing her for Paint Party Friday. These are only about 6″ tall so you can’t get much detail with a finger at that size! She has green hair because the set of pastels I pulled out to use did not have any browns or other normal hair colors so they got red, green, blue, and purple. I’ve really enjoyed the class. By the end of the today, I will have drawn over 101 faces in a 5 days!

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20 thoughts on “Pastel Finger Painting for PPF

  1. Faye

    Wow, this is fantastic! You must have either small or pointy fingers to do such a beautiful job. Even the green hair is lovely.

  2. Sheri

    What a fabulous idea for a workshop. You will certainly have a strong background and comfort to quickly catch the likeness of your subjects after creating 101! Love that you are being pushed with different colors too. I like your Green Girl. HAPPY PPF!

  3. carlarey

    Maybe she just went in the pool with a fresh dye job. Finger painting with pastels sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you will show some of the other faces too.

  4. pointypix

    this is great! can’t believe this was done using your fingers and on such a small scale! shelooks like a cheeky minx who is trying very hard to hold in a big burst of laughter!

  5. Kristin Dudish

    It is incredible that you did this with your fingers – what fun!

    I am loving seeing all of your amazing faces in so many different mediums… Very, very cool 🙂



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