Sunday Sketches

I’m not going to be home Sunday but I’m going to try to set this post up early and have it automatically post on Sunday. Let’s see if it works! I won’t be able to add it to the Sunday Sketches Mr. Linky until evening, but at least I’ll have posted. I don’t like to miss SS.

These are just a few of the 101 faces I drew this week for Carla Sonheim’s Faces 101! Summer Camp. These were part of Fridays assignmet. Tiny colored pencil sketches from photos, 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ and Stylized drawings with conte’ and charcoal. I found it difficult to work so tiny with the colored pencils and could have gotten a better likeness with a larger size. The stylized ones were quick and fun, though. I never enjoyed summer camp this much as a kid.


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15 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches

  1. Heather Stillufsen

    FABULOUS!!!!! I want to go to camp with you!!! You are doing some amazing work, here – nice job on all of the faces. ! Lucky you – I am so glad you joined us today! Your post worked – I have not done an automatic post yet, need to try that!! Have a great Sunday!

  2. lissa

    they look great to me. I think working in small size really keeps you from making mistakes. but that’s just me.

    have a lovely day.

  3. Gallery Juana

    This is such a cool project you’ve got going. That is a challenging size for a portrait. Great job!

  4. Zorana

    It is so easy to see your talent even in quick sketches. So nice to meet you! I enjoyed looking at all your creatures, faces and paintings. Really lovely.

  5. Nicola Toms

    Wow these faces are gorgeous, so different and so detailed what a lovely project!!! Fabulous work! oh i took your advice and I painted a chicken ;0)

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