ATCs for Paint Party Friday

Happy Paint Party Friday! I’ve been painting all week on my junk mail book for Carla Sonheim’s summer camp and it is almost finished but the last lesson is today so I’ll show that in the next couple of days.ร‚ย  These are a couple of ATCs I painted this week for an Elegant Animal People themed swap at Illustrated ATCs. It’s 3 for 3 so I need to do one more. I haven’t done ATCs in so long! It will be fun to trade again.

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33 thoughts on “ATCs for Paint Party Friday

  1. Kristin Dudish

    Oh my gosh these are so much fun! They are both so, so cool – I can’t wait to see the third!
    That sounds like my kind of theme (I love to paint animals all gussied up!)


  2. Gloria

    These are great. The both look so sophisticated and dressed so well. Tee hee. They are just darling! Love them. Happy PPF and thx for sharing.

  3. geckostone

    Oh I have the biggest crush on your elegent anole ( wish he was for sale!) Your hippo came out great too! Deb

  4. iamrushmore

    boy oh boy, do I love those! That giant hippo in the dainty tiara with her hands demurely crossed in front of her just outside the frame. She has so much dignity. I can’t get enough. Hope you post a picture of the third one you do for the trade!

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