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More imaginary creatures this week for Sunday Sketches. I thought it might be fun to show how I find the creatures so this time I’m posting the paint scribbled page, too. Can you see the bird on the right in the scribbles on the left? Or maybe you see something completely different!
Can you find the big green weasel bear and the tiny woodchuck like creature below in the scribbles above? Finding these creatures is so much fun, it is addicting. I’ve also finished some ATCs but I’ll show those in the next day or two. I know you’ve got lots to see today, visiting all the other SS participants!


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29 thoughts on “From this to that

  1. Lenorita

    Love the name in the first – i totally see the Hokey Pokey – feel it too! What a great method – its a bit early for my kids to be up yet here but they will love to see these later in the day! Thanks!

  2. Lisa WrightStuff

    That’s the second hokey pokey I’ve seen today … which is odd because in the UK we call it the hokey kokey. Hokey pokey sounds a bit rude!!

    These drawings are fun – I did something similar yesterday with fingerprints. A dog popped up out of nowhere.

  3. Joanne Osband

    Thank you for posting the scribbles. It is fun to see how you approach the creation of your imaginary creatures. I love the action and clean lines of the bird. Yes, I can visualize him/her doing the hokey pokey!

  4. Kat Sloma

    I love what you created with these scribbles! How fun is that. I used to love doing that in class… a friend would scribble on my paper and then I would draw. I should have been paying attention. 🙂 Visiting from CED today!

  5. Carol

    Me again ~ Wonderful! Creative! Awesome! ~thanks for sharing ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor) linked with Creative Everyday ~

  6. Cindy D

    Super cute! The hokey pokey bird is so fun and definitely whimsy. However, I must say I am concerned for the well-being of the little woodchuck creature – who you’ve captured perfectly in a surprised moment. I think I’m going to go ahead and imagine the big guy is really his pal who scared him for fun. 🙂


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