Self Portrait Practice for PPF

I still haven’t touched my canvas but I didn’t want to miss Paint Party Friday this week so I decided on a little self portrait practice in watercolor today. This isn’t a partial image. I painted it in my little 5″x8″ watercolor book and didn’t paint all the way to the gutter so this is 4 1/2″ x 8″. I didn’t want to try to get my whole head in 4″ so I painted a cropped version. Yes, I really do have a freakishly long space between my nose and upper lip. It runs in the family.

When I sketched it, I just couldn’t get something right and I thought it was the cheek/jaw line. Finally I decided to scan it because I always see glaring errors when I look at my drawings on the monitor even when I can’t see them in the drawing itself. Turns out, the mouth wasn’t nearly wide enough. I saw it as soon as it came up on screen. Isn’t that weird how things show up like that on the monitor? And isn’t it weird how one part being wrong makes other things look wrong that aren’t?

There was a flaw in this paper, like a piece of gray fiber that was raised but also embedded. It ended up being right in the eye. That would have been really irritating if this hadn’t been a practice piece.  Anyway, it isn’t really finished and it isn’t great but it was good practice and  it gets me into the party, LOL.

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31 thoughts on “Self Portrait Practice for PPF

  1. amy

    the space isn’t freakish πŸ™‚

    you are pretty.

    the watercolor is Divine. excellent use of a wide range of colors.


  2. Pointypix

    I love this piece!! I think it looks fantastic – you use watercolour so beautifully. I prefer just parts of a face (hence my eye series) I think there is something intriguing about only seeing part of the subject instead of the whole thing. If this is only a practice piece, I absolutely can’t wait to see the real deal – amazing!

  3. Robin

    Really Wonderful. I like the “Scanning” trick to, it just seems to help to see it posted up on a monitor. Happy Paint Party Friday!

  4. Tammie

    you really have done a gorgeous job of painting yourself. your technique is quite appealing to me.

    the monitor thing happens for me too. i always wonder why i can not see things with the original art.

    thank you for your ppf visit.

  5. geckostone

    Wow this is fantastic! And you are beautiful by the way! I really love how you did your eye! I have such trouble with eyes and anything realistic! You are very talented! Deb

  6. Ayala Art

    oh my goodness, there’s nothing freakish in this lovely portrait! lol I like the colors you used, and I agree, for some reason, you can see better the mistakes or funky sport in the monitor, could it be the size? or the light? Who knows…
    Happy PPF

  7. Scarlet

    I admire your work, since watercolor has always fascinated and intimidated me. I may have to get out there and buy me one of those small watercolor sketchbooks one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration.

    As for the flaws of our pieces popping out on the monitor, it happens every time I photograph a drawing, so I get you completely. Your self portrait, by the way, is excellent. You have great talent!

  8. Stephanie Corder

    I LOVE this and I don’t think your upper lip is too long! I DO agree that putting work on a monitor makes our little mistakes so much easier to see….
    Can’t wait to see the finished copy of your self portrait!
    Happy PPF (a day late ;))

  9. Kristin Dudish

    I think this is wonderful and the cropping is so interesting! I know exactly what you mean about seeing it on the monitor… sometimes photographing a piece digitally and looking at it in the camera can be enough to see what I need to fix too πŸ™‚


  10. Teri C

    In giggled to find out I am not the only that does this scanning for errors.
    Imlove the composition and your face looks great.


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