Can’t seem to focus lately

I’m having trouble with procrastination and lack of focus. Well, I always have trouble with these things but it seems worse lately.  I went into my art room earlier to fetch something, then couldn’t remember what. I sat down at the desk,  trying to remember. I got distracted by some eyeballs that were laying there. What? You don’t keep loose eyeballs on your desk? You never know when you will need an eyeball.  Anyway, I decided to make  a quick critter and give him one or more of these eyeballs.   I was craving a dark chocolate Snickers bar so I gave him a sweet tooth, too. I glued down a couple of other scraps that were on the desk and there you go. Kind of creepy and kind of cute at the same time. Did I remember what I went in there after? No.

Then I decided to waste a little more time by posting him to my blog, even though I’ve already posted today. Because I love you guys and I thought maybe a creepy little critter with a Snickers bar and lolly might be just what you needed today. Yeah, I’ll go do something productive now. Really.

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4 thoughts on “Can’t seem to focus lately

  1. Cindy D.

    More cute than creepy! But a little creepy. Ok, the more I look at him, the more creepy he gets. But still cute.

    I would like to join you in procrastination solidarity.(I’m actually writing this at work! hehe) Also, a cute/creepy critter and a blog post are successful and worthwhile tasks (even if you are just putting off something else.) Did you ever remember what it was?

    Also, thank you for visiting my blog. The Whimsy Web (which I just discovered this weekend) is turning into a nice resource for finding interesting people!

    1. admin Post author

      No, I never did remember what I went in there for, LOL. I think the heat is beginning to melt my brain. Yes, there are lots of interesting people at the Whimsy Web. So glad you could join us there.


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