Morning for Creative Tuesdays

I’m posting a bit early for Creative Tuesdays so I don’t forget. The theme is morning. Around here, the wild morning glories have been blooming everywhere. They are filling the ditches, climbing fences, and turning the road signs into interesting but unreadable topiaries. They only bloom for a few hours each morning but oh how glorious they are for those few hours.

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13 thoughts on “Morning for Creative Tuesdays

  1. faye

    Wow, your morning glory vines/flowers are so gorgeous. You have really captured the look. As for my fisherladies, I flyfish so I am trying to put women in what I do. My hair is gray/white now and never has been red. But our only granddaughter has red hair so most of the women I paint, I give them red hair. It really is soothing to stand in knee-high water and hear the current and not much else except birds. I don’t really care if I don’t get fish. In fact, I’d rather they jump back off so I don’t have to handle them.

  2. Mmm

    A delicate and pretty paiinting indeed. Love these flowers too and that way you did it–exp when looking at it enlarged. 🙂 Great idea, Melisa. Glad to see you back.

    BTw, don;t forget to add “Creative Tuesday” to subject line. Thanks. theme can be in body copy alternatively.


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