Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sunday Sketches

It’s time for Sunday Sketches! I didn’t have a lot of sketching time this week, but I had an idea for a painting and did a rough sketch of it before I forgot. Then I added a little color digitally  to record the color scheme I had in mind. It isn’t especially accurate but enough to help me remember my idea so I can come back to it later. That’s meant to be a seashell ornament in her hair and I’ll probably crop the background down closer to the girl, but this is a start.

The Silly is Over :(

Today is the last day of the The Art of Silliness 1 (Redux) Online Class. So sad. I haven’t been showing my worksheets here (they are on my Flickr page) but I thought I would post the very last one here.  This one had no instructions except to Face the Blank Page. I was aiming for silly but DS says it is creepy, LOL. The monkey creature creeps him out. I can see his point. :)But he was fun to draw and fun is as good as silly. I hope you all have a very silly day today.

Sunday Sketches

It’s been a busy week here and it has just flown by. I did a little painting (see Friday’s post for that) but not much sketching. I do have this little found creature to show. I’m not sure what he just witnessed, but it must have been pretty shocking from the look on his face. He needs to snap out of it so he can represent me for Sunday Sketches this week!

Cafe Au Lait & Beignets, anyone?

I don’t think it’s quite finished yet but I don’t really know what else to do to it so I’m posting it for Paint Party Friday and taking suggestions if anyone has any. The Thalo green is not a color I normally use much, which is why I chose it, but that might be what feels off to me. And I’m not sure the powdered sugar looks like powdered sugar. DS says it is impossible to paint powdered sugar that looks like powdered sugar and the rest looks fine, but I don’t know if he knows what he’s talking about. This is acrylic on a 6″x6″ gallery wrapped canvas.

Found creatures

Just a couple of found creatures for Sunday Sketches today.  (Still thinking of you and praying for you, Sophia.) See that disapproving look the little bird guy is giving us? That’s the look I give the hubs when he is misbehaving. He gets it often but pretends not to see it.



I also found this little bunny, who seemed to be stalking something. Turns out it was the sticker from my banana. 🙂 I’ve never thought of bunnies as stalkers but he seems pretty serious about it. I hope these 2 silly creatures will give make you smile today.

Paint Party Friday!

It’s time for Paint Party Friday! I made a little time for art this week. I did these 2 little pears in watercolor. The scanner always leaves an annoying glare on the light parts but it’s better than taking a photo. Cameras hate me, no matter which end of them I’m on, LOL.

I’ve also showing off a little one line dog I did this week that I’m fond of. I’m really enjoying spending some of my art time doing drawings that aren’t realistic like this. It’s a nice break because you can’t do it wrong and sometimes the results have a special charm. This one is colored pencil and marker.