Paint Party Friday!

It’s time for Paint Party Friday! I made a little time for art this week. I did these 2 little pears in watercolor. The scanner always leaves an annoying glare on the light parts but it’s better than taking a photo. Cameras hate me, no matter which end of them I’m on, LOL.

I’ve also showing off a little one line dog I did this week that I’m fond of. I’m really enjoying spending some of my art time doing drawings that aren’t realistic like this. It’s a nice break because you can’t do it wrong and sometimes the results have a special charm. This one is colored pencil and marker.

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27 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday!

    1. gloria

      Your pup is awesome and the pears are just great. I haven’t tried scanning in a painting and that sounds like a great idea. Great pears and pup. Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. Faye

    Melisa, your pears are just gorgeous. I like the light spot on them. Even if it’s not really in the painting. It is not a distraction to the beauty of the painting. Doggie is cute too.

  2. Stephanie Corder

    Oh I always love what you bring to the table! LOVE your pears- gorgeous colors and your little dog is FAB! I’m trying to work in that looser style more often lately just to free myself up a little more 😉
    Happy PPF,

  3. Diana Evans

    I love your new art pieces!!! the pears are spectacular…and that cute little puppy is so neat with the style you used!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

    Come share something sweet today! Sweet Saturdays over at my blog…

  4. Victoria

    Wow!! Gorgeous..those pears ate stunning and superb..super realistic it..very beautiful! and i adore your sweet pup..he is dazzling and charming my heart as we speak!

  5. Tracey Fletcher King

    Love the pears. I had a pear phase about two years ago and know how challenging they can be… these look great.

  6. Jaime

    still crackin’ me up with those cute little guys, they would make great children’s book characters. beautiful pears, too. wow you have a wide range of talent!

  7. Carola Bartz

    Both the realistic and the “unrealistic” paintings are fabulous. Your pears look delicious, much better than the ones that are hanging in my tree!!! The dog is adorable, he’s git such a cute expression.

  8. Kristin Van Valkenburgh

    Oooh, I love what you’ve been up to! These are wonderful – the pairs are so elegant and your other pieces are so unique and fun! You are so creative – thank you for your visit and for sharing this with us, xoxo

  9. Cindy D

    Hold it! The dog isn’t realistic? I saw one just like it… when was that? Ok, maybe it was a daydream. He is quite adorable, either way. I have to agree your watercolor technique is quite terrific. I have never ventured into that territory. Kinda scary. 😉

  10. Karen S.

    I really like what you’ve done with this doggie! It’s my kind of style too, color pencil and markers is pretty much my main tools for all my artwork!


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