Found creatures

Just a couple of found creatures for Sunday Sketches today.  (Still thinking of you and praying for you, Sophia.) See that disapproving look the little bird guy is giving us? That’s the look I give the hubs when he is misbehaving. He gets it often but pretends not to see it.



I also found this little bunny, who seemed to be stalking something. Turns out it was the sticker from my banana. 🙂 I’ve never thought of bunnies as stalkers but he seems pretty serious about it. I hope these 2 silly creatures will give make you smile today.

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18 thoughts on “Found creatures

  1. Alaurie

    Oh, so cute! That disapproving bird sure is giving us the eye. That bunny’s expression reminds me of my cat when she’s up to mischief. I love how you’ve had lines of color–it creates such energy for these drawings and brings the animals to life (that and their expressions).

  2. Carol

    Love your little creatures and the background you put them in ~ very creative! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) linked with Sunday Sketches ^_^

  3. Kristin Dudish

    Ha! Okay, I think these are some of my favorite “finds” so far 🙂

    I also love your one line dog and totally agree that they are great ways to loosen up and take a break from more realistic stuff…

    Speaking of realistic stuff… I think your pears are fantastic – they are one of my most favorite things to draw and paint, and yours are wonderful!


  4. Cindy D

    Love them, love the expressions. I also wouldn’t want to cross either one at this point, but I have a feeling these pictures do not represent their usual, easy-going moods. I hope. 🙂


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