Cafe Au Lait & Beignets, anyone?

I don’t think it’s quite finished yet but I don’t really know what else to do to it so I’m posting it for Paint Party Friday and taking suggestions if anyone has any. The Thalo green is not a color I normally use much, which is why I chose it, but that might be what feels off to me. And I’m not sure the powdered sugar looks like powdered sugar. DS says it is impossible to paint powdered sugar that looks like powdered sugar and the rest looks fine, but I don’t know if he knows what he’s talking about. This is acrylic on a 6″x6″ gallery wrapped canvas.

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34 thoughts on “Cafe Au Lait & Beignets, anyone?

  1. Kat Griffin

    It is great don’t change a thing to it please I love the green background and the cup is perfection with the delicate shadows and your powdered sugar is perfect…perfect indeed great great art

    – KAT –

  2. Faye

    To me it looks exactly like powdered sugar. I don’t know how you achieved it but I think it is just right. The painting is very yummy. The phthlo blue is gorgeous. Sorry about the spelling but I’m not able to load another PPF to see how it’s spelled.

  3. Amanda Mills

    well, I agree with others that it looks pretty good…
    maybe some sort of reflection in the front of the cup?

    reminds me of a little sparrow I met in New Oleans who was begging for beignets

  4. Voie de Vie

    Ok, we both have coffee on the brain – check out my latest pattern (as well as your Ravelry inbox). 🙂

    I like your painting – don’t change anything. I also realize that’s easier said than done when one is talking to the artist.

    What I wouldn’t give for another cup and beignet at Cafe du Monde!

  5. Tracey Fletcher King

    I love the coloured highlight on the left hand side of the cup and the reflection of the spoon, they really give the painting some depth. I hate how off putting using new colours is at first, but you would never guess you weren’t comfortable using it. Looks Great

  6. Sophia

    Melisa, I think it’s absolutely amazing! Wow. VERY realistic. I know I couldn’t have done any better. This is really great. Very impressive. 🙂

  7. Kristin Dudish

    I think the powdered sugar looks exactly like powdered sugar – just lots of it, so even better! Just the way I like it! Yum! The reflection of the spoon is great too 🙂

    I think everything looks great, so maybe it’s just the green that is throwing you off? I would print it out and try a different color background in your printed version.


  8. Tracey Potter

    love, love, love! it’s beautiful. I wanted to eat the cake when I first saw the image. I love the cool blue shadows on the plate and cup. well done.

    Here’s a video critique on a still life painting that you may find helpful for finalizing your painting, It’s full of great advise.

  9. Molly

    Just lovely! Makes me wish I were sitting and sketching at Cafe du Monde right now. And I almost licked the sugar off your painting! Very realistic! 😉


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